SSCC COVID information as of 9/3/2021

  • Masks are not required but recommended.

  • Ride Alongs are up to the driver.

  • Loaner helmets will be available with a $1 balaclava.

  • Spectators are allowed but need to be off of the grid.

December 28 Club Meeting

Elect Board Members

Discuss Costs

Event Schedules

Please Attend


 2022 Results

 2021 Final Results 

Best 5 out of 8


Race Day Schedule

7:30 AM    -  Course Set Up Begins

8:00 AM    -  Registration & Vehicle Tech Opens

9:00 AM    -  Registration & Vehicle Tech Closes

9:30 AM    -  Drivers Meeting

9:45 AM  -  First Car On Course, Event Begins

Event Cost - cash or check, paid at the event

$25.00    -  Sierra Sports Car Club Member

$25.00    -  SCCA Member

$30.00    -  Non  Member

$10.00    -  Cost for additional "Fun" Runs (4)

 Preregistration or an additional $5  to register at the event

Club Membership Cost

$25.00    -  SSCC Annual Single Membership

$30.00    -  SSCC Annual Family Membership

Run / Work Policy

Our Solo events are RUN/WORK. For each paid entry, you are required to provide a work commitment. Jobs vary from grid, setup, tear down, cone chasing, access control. We can always use more help. Those who run and choose to leave the event site will be scored as DNW or did not work. All times and accumulated points are forfeited. We do understand that things might get confusing, so a reasonable excuse, and providing a substitute to work for you is permissible.

Terry Hyland

Club President

Terry.S.Hyland @ gmail.com

Scott Carnett

Vice President

Gene Sanders


David Pressler


Membership Has Its Perks!

Join the fun and make a difference... $25 single or $30 family is all you pay for an annual club membership. This is separate from an SCCA membership, but an SSCC Membership entitles you to the same $5 off we offer SCCA members. Run 5 events this year and you're ahead! PLUS...we offer the annual holiday dinner as a FREE incentive for our membership. We offer 2 free dinners for each family membership (up to a $35 value). SSCC members also become eligible for year-end class championship trophy to class winners (another $40 value), with a minimum of 6 events in the same class. Annual SSCC Membership Fees are due starting January. Be sure to renew at the next event and start saving right away or renew by Mail. Make all Checks payable to the Sierra Sports Car Club.


The Sierra Sports Car Club offers people of all skill levels a chance to push their cars to the limit in a safe environment. Events are usually held on the first Sunday of each month. Competitors drive as fast as they dare through a course marked by traffic cones. There is a chance to walk the course before the track opens, and it is recommended to walk with an experienced driver to get advice on how to best attack the track. Each month, club members vote on a course design, which is a little different at each event. The goal is to learn quickly, and build on experience.


There are typically two cars on the course at once, separated so there is minimal chance of safety concerns. Each run is timed electronically, and compared with other drivers. Cars run on a handicap system called PAX, which allows different types of cars to achieve a similar score. Emphasis is placed on driving skill and the car’s handling, with horsepower playing a less important role. Cars usually run in second gear, occasionally reaching third gear or requiring a downshift to first for a tight turn. Runs are typically 40-70 seconds each. Events conclude between 2-3:30 PM depending on participation level, which ranges from 18-40 drivers.


The club offers loaner helmets and coaching for people new to the sport. The cost is $45 for a non-member to take four competition and four fun runs. The Sierra Sports Car Club hosts SCCA-sanctioned and insured autocross events under the AZ Border Region SCCA. See AZBRSCCA.org for more information.

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