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We wish to grow and spread our enthusiasm for the sport of autocross in a reasonable and responsible manner.

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So you’ve read all about the great things the Sports Car Club of America has to offer its members and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. But wait! You say to yourself, ‘I’m not really interested in competing, so what else can I do within this Club?.’ Well, we have plenty of opportunities for folks, even if they aren’t interesting in strapping into a fire-breathing racing machine. Whether it’s Rally, Solo or Road Racing, there are tons of jobs that need to be performed to ensure a fun, exciting and safe event goes off without a hitch. In addition to supporting out amateur motorsports programs, SCCA workers also provide staff to numerous professional sanctioning bodies, including IndyCar, NASCAR and IMSA.

AZ Border Region SCCA

The Sports Car Club of America is represented in the Tucson and southern Arizona area by the Arizona Border Region, region #88, which is part of the larger SCCA Southern Pacific Division. The Arizona Border region's primary activity is Solo events, more commonly referred to as autocross. We also sanction rallycross events in conjunction with Arizona Rally Group and host regional road rally events. Monthly board meetings are open to anyone and are typically the first Tuesday of every month.

SCCA Autocross Rules

The SCCA® National Solo® Rules are available on-line in Adobe® Acrobat® format by the SCCA® Solo® Department to our members, entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA® Solo® Competition. 

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