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Sierra Sports Car Club

Autocross Categories

Who should you compete with?



Enter the novice group if you have little or no experience driving on a race course type of event at “speed”. If you have run less than a year autocrosses (anywhere) and haven’t won an award in the “Novice Class”. This is the class where you start autocrossing, even if you have done rallycross events, track events, drag racing or karting, just to get the feel for how autocross works.

A new competitor can stay in this class for a year or until they win an award in Novice Class.



This is the class most autocrossers compete in, all types of cars run in this class, whether they are stock running on street tires or prepared cars with race compound tires and everything in between, there are different types of index categories that even out the cars level of competition that makes it fair of all drivers, it’s called a PAX factor.


If you are trying to be the fastest driver, period, then enter here. National level contenders are encouraged to run in PAX.



Ladies who want to compete directly with each other can choose this class if they wish.

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