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Autocross Categories

Who should you compete with?



Enter Novice group if you have little or no experience controlling your car at speed. If you have run six or fewer autocrosses (anywhere) and haven’t won a trophy in the Novice class, this is where you start. If you are experienced at rallycross, track events, or karting, you might want run once in Novice to get a feel for how autocross works.


Street Touring:

This class is especially designed for cars in the Street Touring class, as it takes into account your street tires in your PAX score. It is not legal to run R Compound tires in Street Touring. The minimum treadwear is 140 for 2014 and 200 thereafter. If your car is classified as Street Prepared or beyond, you must run in another group. Some cars are excluded from Street Touring altogether, so check the rule book.



This is for cars with R Compound tires, and it clumps all of the classes together. You are competing on an index based on the maximum level of preparation for your class.


Street Tire:

This combines two groups; the new SCCA Street Class, and everyone who doesn’t fit into Street Touring but is running street tires anyway. The Street Class was formerly known as Stock, but allows some variation in wheel size. Street Tire is the catch-all “run what you brung” group. Rental cars welcome. Open car classifications are used for PAX scores.



If you are trying to be the fastest driver, period, then enter here. National level contenders are encouraged to run in PAX.



Ladies who want to compete directly with each other can choose this class if they wish.

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